Ivy Prep

Welcome and thank you for your interest in Ivy College Preparatory Institute. The Community Cares Foundation is excited to introduce our newest initiative to educate, expose and empower today’s youth; Ivy College Preparatory Institute (Ivy Prep). Ivy Prep is designed to cultivate and encourage lifelong learning by empowering young people with foundational skills needed to be successful in a post-secondary environment.

Ivy Prep will consist of three categories:

  1. Advanced Academic Preparation: Community Cares Foundation believes there is powerful potential for progress within young adults. We are devoted to developing academic giants who thrive in rigorous academic environments. The Ivy College Preparatory Institute will assist participants on their quests to become tomorrow’s academic trailblazers. Providing advanced opportunities in the areas of Mathematics, Science and English.
  2. Leadership Development: The increasing demands of the twenty-first century mandate youth become more adept leaders in highly competitive environments. As a result young leaders are required to make more effective and more efficient decisions with mutually beneficial outcomes. The Ivy College Preparatory Institute is dedicated to providing young leaders with hands on training in leadership development through classroom and field experience.
  3. Cultural Diversity: As globalization and technological advances continue to dissipate geological boundaries cultural diversification and social suaveness have become a requirement to build relationships with colleagues and peers. The Ivy College Preparatory Institute exists to empower students with a socially confident demeanor that will serve as a foundation for building lasting and cross functional relationships.

Thank you again for your interest in Ivy College Preparatory Institute. Community Cares Foundation is proud to support and develop programs designed to educate, expose and empower young adults. We look forward to partnering with families in the Rockdale and Newton county communities to develop well-adjusted leaders and lifelong learners.

Community Cares Foundation is currently accepting applications for the Ivy College Preparatory Institute. Please see the appropriate application for completion instructions. All applications must be completed and received by August 18th in order to be considered.

Click Here for 2017/2018 Ivy Prep application