Our mission is to facilitate the building of strong and viable communities that we serve through charitable giving. We seek to empower these communities to achieve lifelong successes and improve their quality of life through human and educational resources.


Our Goal is to provide service to all mankind and to our community. The vehicle by  which we will accomplish this is raising funds to support scholarships, services and other  activities.

We encourage donations to support our community service and scholarship initiatives.


Under the leadership of President Bresha Shaw-Franklin, Chi Tau Omega began the journey of establishing a foundation. An ad hoc committee was established; and, after countless hours of dedicated work, we prepared to launch the Community C.A.R.E.S. Foundation, Inc., in November 2014, our Board of Directors was elected and we were on our way.

Our purpose is to work alongside Chi Tau Omega in providing service to mankind within our community. We will provide a vehicle for accomplishing this task by raising funds to  support scholarships, services and other activities. We will also provide  direct service via community outreach.